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Seraphim's Kiss
My heart is filled with a passion of starry sweet splendor that immobilizes my body but excites my mind and intellect. My interest in you has never been just piqued.
It's been fondled.
And I'm ecstatic that you, my dear Christian, are present in my life and in everything I do and feel, like the breath of seraphim breezing in my hair and sparkling in my veins.
I feel vibrant and alive because you are the buzzing of the energy I need from the universe.
I'm under the influence of God's loving hand; He is great in that He brought us together in heart and mind. And He will continue to work until we are brought together in body as well.
Life is good Christian. Let's believe in it together. Everything is better for me when I have you to share it with.
Deep. Scintillating. Lively. Infinite.
This is our love.
And I must add one more word to that list:
Let the angels speak words of encouragement and motivation into our hearts and minds.
:iconsagittarianism:Sagittarianism 1 0
Flash Prompt #12 2017: Norm's Terrible Week
   The freezing lake-water enveloped Norm as he buoyed back to the surface. It was all wrong, being here on late-autumn morning. But diving in cold water in the middle of the mountains helped clear his head. Two nights ago, he and his buddies got kicked out of a bar for raucous behavior (basically “singing” the Batman tune over and over again without the word “Batman”. Annoyed the hell out of the other customers). And two nights ago, they lost the most important game of their careers.
   A new employee at the stadium had just waxed the court with a bizarre slippery substance that glowed in the dark. But this came after nine of the other players slipped and became injured. No one dared to ask why the floor was covered in goo (in fact, they really didn’t want to know), but it made them move to another court, a totally unfamiliar territory. Thus, Norm and his friends and the remaining team members, disoriented and unsure, lost th
:iconsagittarianism:Sagittarianism 2 4
Paths of Fate
All paths of fate are elliptical orbits
Some faster than others
Some slower than others
Some retrograde
Some anterograde
Some spinning on an axis as they orbit
Some stationary in their place
But one thing is true about all our paths
They all lead to the Center
:iconsagittarianism:Sagittarianism 1 0
On the Wall by Sagittarianism On the Wall :iconsagittarianism:Sagittarianism 0 0 Hydrangea, Sweet Hydrangea by Sagittarianism Hydrangea, Sweet Hydrangea :iconsagittarianism:Sagittarianism 7 0 The Hydrangeas Next Door by Sagittarianism The Hydrangeas Next Door :iconsagittarianism:Sagittarianism 2 0 Light Blue-Purple Hydrangea by Sagittarianism Light Blue-Purple Hydrangea :iconsagittarianism:Sagittarianism 3 0 Purple Hydrangea by Sagittarianism Purple Hydrangea :iconsagittarianism:Sagittarianism 2 0 Hosta by Sagittarianism Hosta :iconsagittarianism:Sagittarianism 2 0 Flower at Sunset by Sagittarianism Flower at Sunset :iconsagittarianism:Sagittarianism 3 0 Dahlia by Sagittarianism Dahlia :iconsagittarianism:Sagittarianism 3 0 Ripples of Reflection by Sagittarianism Ripples of Reflection :iconsagittarianism:Sagittarianism 1 0 Splash on the Jetty 04 by Sagittarianism Splash on the Jetty 04 :iconsagittarianism:Sagittarianism 3 0
The rubbish I create with my own hands and brain... :D


Little Gem Dragon by Ladybug-creations Little Gem Dragon :iconladybug-creations:Ladybug-creations 30 4 Plastic Canvas Tissue Box House (Back side) by Ladybug-creations Plastic Canvas Tissue Box House (Back side) :iconladybug-creations:Ladybug-creations 3 0 Little Chibi Crystal Dragon by Ladybug-creations Little Chibi Crystal Dragon :iconladybug-creations:Ladybug-creations 1 0 Mario Hit Box Pillow by Ladybug-creations Mario Hit Box Pillow :iconladybug-creations:Ladybug-creations 6 0 Plastic Canvas House Tissue Box by Ladybug-creations Plastic Canvas House Tissue Box :iconladybug-creations:Ladybug-creations 1 3 Skethbook 14 by kimberly80 Skethbook 14 :iconkimberly80:kimberly80 188 6 happiness is made of small moments by Rona-Keller happiness is made of small moments :iconrona-keller:Rona-Keller 101 2
I'm writing this between a break of writing notes from my classes. 
We are going into week 3 of classes, So far things are pretty settled, classes are good. There are 2 that are very boring but I've just gotta pass so I can truck through them. Coming up in the next 3 weeks I've got, 4 midterms, 2 papers and Show work. Everything is pretty spread out so its not terrible, I'll be happy once the midterms are out of the way. 
Within the first 3 weeks of classes starting I've had 2 nausea attacks, had to move rooms and changed 1 class. But other than that things have been good. I've got another doctors appointment to figure out the nausea (hopefully) I had to change rooms because where I was living on campus was really noisy, I was right by the elevator, the custodian closet and 2 bathrooms, all within 4 feet of each other. It shouldn't have been a room to be completely honest. But I got that changed, after waiting in a line for 3 hours at 8am, and now I'm in a much quieter reside
:iconphil-and-dan-lover:Phil-And-Dan-Lover 2 0
Leprechaun Devision Mrs von Hindenburg by MADmoiselleMeli Leprechaun Devision Mrs von Hindenburg :iconmadmoisellemeli:MADmoiselleMeli 50 7 Little Miss Pumpkin by MADmoiselleMeli Little Miss Pumpkin :iconmadmoisellemeli:MADmoiselleMeli 87 9 Jensen Ackles  Jared Padalecki  by TwoHornBub Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki :icontwohornbub:TwoHornBub 16 6 the outsiders by TwoHornBub the outsiders :icontwohornbub:TwoHornBub 3 0
I am still alive! :dummy:
Hello my dear watchers (and other deviants who have wandered to this page). If you are reading this, then you might not have given up hope quite yet that I will someday return. It's been nearly a year since I last posted a journal entry! And it's been 2.5 months since I uploaded anything at all and 4 months since I uploaded anything other than the "Fighting The Dragon" emotional saga which I have been remiss in posting new entries of though I really should.
So here I am once again. So what's been going on in my strangly boring world?
This past almost year:
Well, it's been hard going. Nothing seemed to have changed for quite some time. Then I slipped up. And once I did, I kept slipping. Things have gotten desperate but I am back on track and determined again. Though I lost my "1 day" coin, I am starting over. I will be sober for 1 day at midnight (7 hours from now). It is now the Hebrew New Years (Rosh Hashana) so it is time for a fresh start
:iconaspiredwriter:AspiredWriter 1 27
Strega2 by Eirwen980 Strega2 :iconeirwen980:Eirwen980 9 2 Maglor by EKukanova Maglor :iconekukanova:EKukanova 2,084 256 Skethbook 13 by kimberly80 Skethbook 13 :iconkimberly80:kimberly80 285 27
Is it any wonder I like these people's work? :thumbsup:

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Mon Sep 18, 2017, 5:47 PM
Hey all! :wave:

I was just thinking... 65. What If... 

You know what would make any man a babe magnet? Wink/Razz 

It would be if fragrance companies could bottle the scent of the earth. Love 

What could be better than the rich tones of loam and soil? Or the comfort of hay, horses, and sweetgrass? Or the petrichor of a misty autumn morning? What could be better than the heady fragrance of musk and amber? I think I've fainted. 

If they could bottle up all the odors that would make a woman want to bury herself in the deep, warm, safe, darkness of her lover's arms, then that company would be rich beyond compare. :yes:

Because comfort with your lover is the main idea. If you can't be comfortable around them, of what use is the relationship? :shrug:

I like the feeling that comes from the intimacy of intellectual relationships. Someone that challenges you to be a better version of yourself. Someone that wants to listen to your crazy ideas and wild dreams. And then surprise you by opening up an opportunity to experiment with those ideas and chase after those dreams.

I like the feeling that comes from someone looking into your eyes and being awestruck by the beauty of the soul behind them. I like that feeling that when you look at them, no matter what, you see your infinite future, the things you want in not just this life but other lives too.

I like the feeling that comes with the thought of spending every annoying, buttkicking, crazy, damnall, effervescent, freakshow, gogetting, hellyeah, idiotic, jacktwisted, kissmeorkillme, lol'ing, momentous, noway, omg, pervy, quixotic, ridiculous, stimulating, titillating, unbelievable, vivacious, weird, xenial, yeahbaby, zany second with someone you need like oxygen  Nuu , and also can't stand to be around. Stare 

Sometimes the complexities that accompany true love are what make that love true. It can be fun and frightening but you go through Hamlet's slings and arrows together.

It's better to run the gauntlet of Life with someone and get scathed and injured in the process than to run that gauntlet alone and come out completely unharmed with no one to share the victory with.

That's why there's two of everything that's been made by the Creator. Nostrils, lips, eyes, breasts, testes, legs, arms, shoulders, buttocks, feet... sexes, names, left and right brains.

Plants start out with seed and soil. Sprite Rip: Leafy Sprouts 
People start out with zygote and womb. Them eyebrows 

Beauty is having everything most precious to you.

So back up all your music files and documents because if your computer gets an irreversible virus, you ain't never gonna see that shit again. Just sayin. :P

I'm rambling. But I need to blow the mucus of my mind somewhere and there was no paper nearby. Blow your nose! 

Enjoy my thoughts. EVIL Laughter! 

Love you guys,

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Holly Fiore
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States


/ˌsædʒ ɪˈtɛər i ən ɪz əm/
1. a state of being wherein one is eclectic in taste, has perpetual projects in motion (often more than one at a time), and is indefinable by any human standards or laws
"I can't finish anything I start; I must have a case of Sagittarianism."

2. ImagineAppleScruffs's new username.
"Sagittarianism is a great artist and writer on DeviantART."

Hello! Have fun looking at my varied works! :)

-- Holly :peace:


I love DeviantArt! It's a wonderful community where I can find people just as weird as I am. ;)
I like the Beatles. :nod:
I like the Young Ones, a 1980s British comedy TV show.
My art is usually done in Photoshop CS3 and Flash. And my cloth art is done in various fabrics, trims and beads, with needle and thread. No sewing machine.
I try to write every day. I aim to become a part time freelance writer.
I listen to music every day. I can't go through a whole day without it.
I play a multitude of musical instruments, but my favorite is the guitar!
I love to sing.
I also write my own music and lyrics. Now if only I could get them on the radio! ;)
I like feedback on my work, so if you have something to say, please say it!
I believe in angels! :floating:
I love the TV show 'Gunsmoke'. I also like the show 'Bonanza'... and some of its characters: Little Joe Cartwright (played by Michael Landon) and Griff King (Tim Matheson), mainly. :love:

My Tumblr:…

I love Star Wars and Luke Skywalker, but don't get me started on Mara Jade; I seriously don't like her and believe her creation by Timothy Zahn was a huge mistake.
Just sayin'!

Have fun here, guys!

My dA Family:

Twin brother: :iconglompsomethingplz::iconblindsharigan: I luv you, man!
Younger brother: :iconluciferv: Hir oes! :ahoy:
Twin sister: :icontheemptychest: I looooooove youuuu!!! :la:
Younger Sisters: :iconlucy-has-diamonds: :iconcygnus-x-2: :iconjulie090995: :hug: x 3

If you want to be a part of my dA family, just note me as to who you want to be, and I'll add you! :)

Current Residence: Massachusetts USA
Favorite genre of music: Celtic, World, Oldies, Classical, Swing
Favorite photographer: Robert Doisneau, Harry Benson, Ansel Adams, Dezo Hoffman, Edward S Curtis, Linda Eastman McCartney
Favorite style of art: Art Nouveaux, Medieval stylized, popart/psychedelic, pre-raphaelite
Operating System: Windows 10
MP3 player of choice: my phone
Wallpaper of choice: Anything that fits with one of my projects.

Personal Quote: Great friends are amazing blessings. A thousand times over. -- Me


Omg I just freaked out about a gigantic spider that was on the back of my dad’s shirt and I thought it was a squished leaf or something but Jesus fucking christ i swear to god its butt was the size of a walnut! My dad thought i was kidding but I guess I looked so horrified that he ripped his shirt over his head and set it on the floor and omg he was so frickin calm about it it was like “gee how did that happen?” And I said “get it outta here! Get it outta here! Put your shirt outside that thing’s huge ew ew ew!” I was so frickin freaked out I thought i was gonna puke He put it outside and the spider crawled away or something so he brought his shirt back in and threw it down the basement stairs to be washed. God I hope there’s no more of them. I’m freaking out at the least little brushlike feeling on my skin. I even squeaked because a hair on my arm tickled me and my dog started barking. Jesus s christ. We need an exterminator.

RIP Tom Petty
Rock legend
Say hi to George and Roy for us.

Go me! I have another job! Started yesterday! Same lawn company I did telesales with but I'm working there sorting mail and bills and checks for processing and doing some light data entry and checking voicemails and writing them down. Pretty simple job and I like doing it because I'm in a comfortable place with people I know and like and I get to learn new skills which makes me happy and also makes the company happy because I learn quickly and I enjoy having something to do and feeling useful.


Love you guys, and I love myself!
Job not working out. Going home. Getting the hell out of this place. I was supposed to work with computers. Not be in a warehouse sorting DVDs by SKU number. Too confusing, my eyesight sucks. I feel out of place and the manager is closet misogynist basically telling me that women weren't exactly suited to a warehouse environment yet there were plenty of women there doing a great job.
I hate my life. This shit sucks butt.
Jobless the fuck again.


Is anyone else with a Chrome browser having trouble submitting things? I'm using Microsoft Edge at the moment, and everything is there.
I updated Chrome and disabled the adblock addition from blocking DeviantArt. Nothing helps.
Please let me know if I'm not the only one.



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